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Here at TARALOO, we spend our sessions chasing the real smile. We take gorgeously authentic photos of real people. Their smiles, their laughs, their dogs, their mamas and anyone else that is riding on the crazy adventure of life with them.

Tara Bennett, the owner and lead photographer at TARALOO, has always had a camera in her hand. Her dad, a hobbyist photographer, gave her a camera so she was equipped to capture the world as she saw it from a very early age. She rarely put it down from that moment on. But the real magic started when she aimed a lens at a friend and discovered her love of capturing real expressions from real people.

It was inevitable that she would have a career as a photographer. While brainstorming business names for her new adventure, her childhood nickname kept popping up. It seemed like the perfect fit since her love of photography began when she was 8. So... in 2009, she made it official and TARALOO was born. The rest is history. A history that has been captured one authentic frame at a time.

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