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SO excited to announce our “Digital All Files” Collection now includes *2* BONUSES to choose from… drum roll….

All Digital Files plus
OPTION 1: 5×7 Color and 5×7 B/W of each image OR…. double drum roll…
OPTION 2: This gorgeous 7×10 Album with or without a leather-wrapped spine. YEEEEEE!

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Jordan!  What a dream you were to photograph… who would’ve guessed when we scheduled and planned your session and outfits that a freezing cold front was going to blow in?!?!  But that didn’t stop you from rocking the cute summer outfits!  I am so excited to hear all the amazing things you’re going to do in the next years, supahstar!


And for the record… I had the hardest time picking 15 ultimate favorite images for this blog post from your 78(!) gorgeous ones!!  LOL  … oh so very glad that you have every single one of them though! 😎



It’s official… my boy is a Senior – wha?!?! I still remember strolling him around in his stroller while he yelled “TRUCK!” at every single thing that drove past us.

Tonight I finally did the last of his Grad photos because of course in the way of the cobbler kids have no shoes… a photographer’s child gets to squish between everyone else’s sessions (although he for sure was perfectly fine with stalling out LOL).

We hit the “headshot area” to knock out some studio shots, where I had shot his sister’s head shots and Reese’s for theater.

CB… you’re grown! I love you so so so so much and am so excited for your next chapter. I really really am. No matter how many tears you see leaking from my eyes, I pinky swear I am so so excited.



Anneliese, you rocked your session in every possible way! Broke our record for most number of outfits for a senior session and still managed to look amazing with all the car changes! SupahStar!

You’re on your way to a fantastic future and I’m so happy you shared your senior year with me and my lenses. Good luck, sugar! Big things are coming your way!

And just like with Jordan’s session, you guys are killing me on trying to narrow down your gorgeous images for a blog post. LOL Glad you have all 78 (!) of them for yourself and in a beautiful album…

drum roll…. here’s my favorite 26 (gasp!)


What oh what can you do to get your best self ready before your session?

We’ve got some brilliant ideas…

First, Drink water, water and more water! You know that “daily water intake” you always read about? Yeah. THAT much water. Like at least 6-8 glasses a day (your cup of joe doesn’t count as one of those glasses, so no cheating!). You’re skin will look ah-mazing… even pre-photoshop LOL.

Next, keep moisturizing lip balm in your hand and put it on every time you think about it. Seriously. EverySingleTime. Over and over and over again. We love love love with a capital L this one from tarte. A good organic coconut oil works good too if you have that in the pantry.

Get plenty of sleep. I know, I know…. you’re busy, busy, busy. But at least the night before your session, shoot for 8hrs. WHAT!!??! Crazy, I know.

If you’re not having a MUA do your makeup for your sesh, practice ahead of time and think “natural with a little heavier hand”. This is a good video to get some ideas – I know it’s a bridal one, but same vibe. More than normal “Gorgeous Natural”, not more than “GNO at the club”. If you’re thinking extra lashes, consider “individuals from middle to the outer edges” vs “the caterpillar rack”. 😎

We are so excited to make some fabulous images with you!

Now… go get some sleep, gorgeous.